Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aina: I need to know [lyrics]

Aina: I need to know [lyrics]


I need to know

Yeah babe it was long ago
Like a scene at a picture show
We never knew just how things might go
And here I sit guess I still don't know

Remember how we never cared
We carried on and everybody stared
Those are memories I just can't bare
I can't believe you ever were here

Ooh babe I gotta know
How could you ever leave me here and go
Ooh babe I needed you so
How could you ever go
Baby I need to know

They all tell me how time will heal
But they don't know what I really feel
THey all tell me to forget that man
I can't forget till I understand


Now I've searched for the answer
Where you searched for yours
Gazing at an endless sky
A seven four seven - a crystal blue heaven
But nowhere a reason why


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