Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ballard: Tell the world [lyrics]

Ballard: Tell the world [lyrics]


Tell the world

You can tell the world!

I went walking thru the rain
To leave a message on your door last night
If I could see you I would tell you why

I hope to find me peace of mind
I'm tired of running on my own
Seen many places forgot their names
It's time to come back home

Tell the world from today
I will always be around
Tell the world for once and all
Never gonna leave you
Promise you that from now on
I will always be around

I know I've said all this before it's true
But we were much younger 
I had to see things thru

You won't regret it so take a chance
Need you more than words can say
Don't leave me standing in the rain
I was a fool to have gone away


Think what you're doing
Think what you're saying
Listen to me one more time
Take me back or win or lose
I'll stay for the rest of my life


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