Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Origin: Chicago (USA)

Rain on the city - 1989


- Formed in 1982 by John Davidson and Dave Lepacik, Brinx became a well known Midwestern
regional band headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago. Winning several local competitions and televised contests, Brinx went on to record many singles and a full length album completed in 1989. The release entitled "Rain on the City" is recognized as one of the best AOR format releases of the time and has been distributed globally as a collector item finding fans in many countries. This was an impressive feat for song writers who hadn't even reached the age of 21 by the time of its release.
The members of Brinx went on to many bands including Nikki Foxx, 500 Hats & Catfish Groove Farm. -


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