Friday, April 11, 2014

Stan Meissner [Windows to light - 1986]

Stan Meissner [Windows to light - 1986]

Origin: Toronto (Canada)

Stan Meissner Windows to light 1986

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Stan Meissner - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Peter Cardinali - Bass
Mike Sloski - Drums on 'Heart of Ice', 'Counting on Love' & 'Hold Me'
Kevan McKenzie - Drums on 'Lifeline', 'I Can't Break From You' & 'Walk The Line'
S. M. - Drums on 'Wild and Blue', 'I'll Wait For You', & 'Endless Ride'
Rob Yale - Programming on 'I Want Everything', 'One Chance' & 'Coming Out Of Nowhere'

Additional musicians:
Steve Hunter - Keyboards
Anton Evans  - Bass on 'Wild and Blue'
Steve MacKinnon - Piano Solo on 'I'll Wait For You'
Bert Hermiston - Sax Solo on 'I Can't Break Away From You'
Peter Cardinali - Strings on 'Hold Me'


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