Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Alaska: Miss you tonight [lyrics]

Alaska: Miss you tonight [lyrics]


Miss you tonight

Look at me now ain't I the lucky one
Running everywhere envy of someone
Thought I'd call you tonight
Just for fun
It only takes a dime
Lord knows I've got the time
I really miss you tonight

Some folks say you gotta new romance
But when you hold him do you ever think of me
Do you hold him close just like you held me
When we danced
Do you think of me
Do you ever think of me
I miss you tonight

What good is love if it only breaks your heart
And all of the things I've wanted to say
Are lost now that you've gone
I just called to hear your voice
To see if you're changed your mind
And all I have to say
Is that I miss you babe
I miss you tonight

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