Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arc Angel: Rock me tonight [lyrics]

Arc Angel: Rock me tonight [lyrics]

Arc Angel

Rock me tonight

Rock and roll, don't ya ever leave me alone?
Rock and roll, send a chill right through the bone
Rock and roll, always been my very best friend
Don't ever lead me to a dead end

Rock and roll, poundin' with the beat of my heart
Rock and roll, sometimes you tear me apart
Rock and roll, show me everything that you know
And don't never never ever let go

I wanna know, will you rock me tonight?
I wanna know, can we rock through the night?
I wanna know, if the feeling is good, and you know that you show
When the magic is right will you rock me tonight, tonight, tonigh

Rock and roll, burn me like the heat of desire
Rock and roll, you know you get me higher and higher
Rock and roll, run it through my body and soul
Don't ever leave me out in the cold


If you really love me, I wanna know
And if you really care, I wanna know
If you're thinkin' of me, rock me tonight
Rock me tonight, tonight, rock me tonight, tonight

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