Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arc Angel: Stars [lyrics]

Arc Angel: Stars [lyrics]

Arc Angel


Moment by moment, I face my reflection
My eyes have been blinded by what I see
Somebody help me, won't somebady save me?
I'm lost in the light I just don't know why
Is there a meaning to all that I've done?
Is life just a game and it's never been won?
So many pieces that just don't belong...

There's so many stars in the sky
Why is it that dreaming's not easier?
There's so many stars in the sky
I just want to know, I just want to know

Is there a reason, a masterful plan
A time weary traveler can understand?
Somebody free me, don't ever deceive me
To reach for the sky and touch the sun
Have I been searching for something unreal
A prisoner of fate who forgot to conceal
The heart of a man, just part of the deal?


In a life of confusion
There are questions inside me now


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