Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alaska: Can't let go [lyrics]

Alaska: Can't let go [lyrics]


Can't let go

Oh selfish lover, someday you'll discover
That you're chasing a game, just a losing game
You said that you were running when really you were gunning
For a boy to come on naturally

Oh lonely heart, you know you're worlds apart
From a friend to lend a guiding hand
Oh it's time you learned your lesson, girl I'm no possession
You know I ain't no one-night stand

You left me standing you left me out of control
You left me standing you left me out of control
No matter what you do I'm never coming back to you
No matter what you say you're gonna have to find another way

They call you the stealer but you were just a dealer
And you wouldn't know a friend if he held you by the hand
No good in me explaining, this heart that you've been claiming
Can't take another sleepless night

The smile that won me over really turned me over
Has got me thinking like a fool
You took me without warning, now I think I'm stalling
Tell me why you treat me so cruel

You don't understand - I'm only doing the best I can
How was I to know that I'd have to let you go

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