Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alaska: Need your love [lyrics]

Alaska: Need your love [lyrics]


Need your love

Deep in trouble, gettin' deeper all the time
Cuttin' corners, feelings running wild
Now you tell me I'm acting like a fool
When I think about it, babe, you've been so cruel

I need your love, gotta have your love
I need your love, give it to me girl
Gotta have your love

I never know, never understood how much you cared
Ooh, the love has gone and the feelings we once shared
Ooh, crazy fool, just too blind to see
I was chasin' love, didn't want me

Caught in the crossfire, loser from the start
Chasing rainbows, never let it part
Stay with me, stay with me, don't break my heart
Yes I'm a fool, but don't break my heart

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