Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alaska: Other side of midnight [lyrics]

Alaska: Other side of midnight [lyrics]


Other side of midnight

Drifters play the freeway
Looking for a change of scene
Truckers drive such a long way
I guess they've got to have their dream
But me I'm happy just to stay on the street

I'm gonna meet you on the other side of midnight
Where everything is alright this time around
And like a lifetime they drift away
So many voices so much to say
No one cares to listen they already know

City lights they shine in my eyes
Can't keep from dreaming, Oh I'm mesmerised
Strangers on sidewalks, they come and they go
There must be somewhere left to go
But in the end I just don't know

There's no escape to freedom
Till you reach the end of the road
I find it hard to believe them
I guess it's time to change my mind
I'll find where the world goes on from here

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