Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alaska: Susie blue [lyrics]

Alaska: Susie blue [lyrics]


Susie blue

Susie Blue are you by my side
Tell me now - are you satisfied?
Susie Blue why is your love so strange to me?

D'you break the rules just to suit your game
Play the fool puttin' me to shame
Susie, tell me is there something here to gain?

Ooh baby, turn the lights down low
'Cos my love is moving, moving like a travelling show

Susie, Susie Blue, what you gonna do?
Susie, Susie why don't you show me
Show me what to do for you
Susie, Susie strange - I think it's time to re-arrange
The love that you've been pushing away
Will reach you someday

Susie Blue is my timing right?
Squeeze you tight under the pale moonlight
Whisper words that I long to hear you say

Susie Sue the night is running on past
And I need an answer - ooh, I need an answer
I need one fast

Sometimes it gets so confusing
It's hard to lay me love on the line
Do you need some kinda persuasion?
Susie it's a matter - only just a matter
Susie it's a matter of time... Susie Blue

Susie, Susie Blue - don't talk out of line 'cos I'm telling you
Susie, Susie Blue - I've got my finger, my finger on you
Susie Blue...

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