Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alaska: Whiteout [lyrics]

Alaska: Whiteout [lyrics]



Wake me up - is this a dream?
This is hell what I'm going through
Have to find out what it's all about
Now that I have the clues

Can you picture yourself with no direction?
Do you see my point of view?
I stand accused, but - correction
I'm gonna put the blame on you

Turn to the left, turn to the right
If I knew what I was looking for
It's a crazy situation
But I just can't find the door

Hard to find the answers
When you're pushing against the cold
Minute by minute it's slipping away
The young become the old

Hear then calling, haunting memory
Distant reminder of how it used to be
Close my eyes and wonder, I simply wonder
How still the world remember me?

Look at me now, head in my hands
Caught in the frozen wastes of time
Heroes and fools make my own rules
There's no return from a whiteout

Close my eyes and wonder
I simply wonder
How will the world remember me?

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