Friday, March 7, 2014

Aviator: Can't stop [Lyrics]

Aviator: Can't stop [Lyrics]


Can't stop

Strangers pass in the street
Call it fascination
Two sparks ignite in the heat 
of a glance
Lost souls search in the night
Visiting of circumstance
I felt two hearts explode
like a shot in the dark

I close my eyes you're in my dreams
Are you feeling for me 
what I'm feeling for you
Now what does it mean?

But I can't stop, can't stop thinking
I can't stop
Can't stop thinking, I can't stop
I got my mind on you

Turn back, don't let her go
This could be destiny
You got one chance
This could be your lucky one
Passion strikes in the night
A vision of ecstasy
It's too late my loves burning
out of control

I wake in then ight with you on my mind
I just can't believe that 
I'm thinking of you
All of the time

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