Friday, March 7, 2014

Aviator: Magic [lyrics]

Aviator: Magic [lyrics]



I remember a time when love was now
We didn't know quite what to do
But wasn't it the best of times
Now all I see are shattered pieces
of a dream
I guess things just ain't what they seem
When you're falling out of love

What happened to the Magic
I didn't think our love would ever fade
Now all we have is madness
What happened to the Magic we made

Don't understand where did all the laughter go
How was I supposed to know
It would turn around this way
Like a fashion yesterday it was brand new
Ain't it strange that we go through
Now it's just a masquerade

Maybe we just strayed so far
There ain't no future
There ain't no turning back
Somethings fading
Somethings gone
Now I get to know

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