Friday, March 7, 2014

Aviator: Too young [lyrics]

Aviator: Too young [lyrics]


Too young

Pretty girl sitting in the corner
Now you're all alone
Don't you need somebody to dance with you
Dance the night away
I'm a guy I ain't good looking
I'm kinda shy
I need somebody to hold onto
Hold on though the night

But we're too young
To know about life
To know about love
We're just too young
Too young
Two young lovers

Look at me, trembling at the 
thought of being close to you
Fumbling like a fools
to find the words to say
These words to day to you
I'm talking to you
So take my hand come a little closer
Do you wanna dance
I'd like to get to know you won't 
you take a chance
On some romance with me


Too old to play kids anymore
Too young to wanna just stop
Too scared to say the things that I feel
But it feels so good I don't wanna let go
Baby take my hand and understand it's alright
To be young lovers tonight


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