Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aina: Believe in me [lyrics]

Aina: Believe in me [lyrics]


Believe in me

How many silent dreams
Reach in the heaven and fall away
In your eyes I see
A promise that won't fade
I've been searching so long
For someone true - a love that's real
In your heart I've found
A vision I can feel

Is this the moment here to stay
It takes my breath away

Believe in me

You open up my mind
You know what I'm about
This kind of love's not blind
It breaks through walls of doubt
And the light that's in your eyes
Shines for me
This time, it's all I need

Believe in me
Reach out with your heart
No power in the world
Will keep us apart
Believe in me
And love will remain
Believe in your heart
Love stays the same

In every lonely face
There's a space, an open door
You speak to me in ways
I've never felt before
When I'm a thousand miles away
You'll still hear me say


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