Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aina: You baby you [lyrics]

Aina: You baby you [lyrics]


You baby you

I've been driving for miles in my car
Out on the freeway, way much too far
I've been thinking 'bout the time we have lost
Love is not special - have to pay what it cost

I've been dialing your number on the phone
Some voice talking, telling you're not at home
Alone in my bed now, only memories of you
I used to be the winning part
Now I've ended up the fool

You babe you
I never thought of losing you
I never thought of needing you
I never thought of losing you

I've been crying, through I didn't wanna cry
Feels like dying, it's hard to say goodbye
Kissing, screaming, walking hours in the rain
Those special moments babe
I wanna have them back again


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