Sunday, April 6, 2014

Alliance: I need you now [lyrics]

Alliance: I need you now [lyrics]


I need you now

I wanted you, I thought you knew
Now I find you gone
What did I do wrong
Please don't act this way
I want you back today I need you now

I'm on my own and so alone
I want to make amends
Why can't we be friends
Hear me when I say I love you anyway
We're not over yet, I can't forget
I want you back to stay

I need you now and yet somehow
I will always feel the same
It's so hard to stop the pain
I need you now and yet somehow
I still dream of how you feel
And the touch of you so real
I need you now

Stay away forever, I'll love you anyway
You'll never know how much I care
Every day will last forever
Every night I call your name
When dreaming of the things I love
The memories we'd share


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