Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arthurs Museum material collection

Arthurs Museum material collection. Thank you very much to Bobby Seasholtz (Douglassville Pa.) for sharing this material.

Arthurs Museum signed album
Arthurs Museum's signed album
Arthurs museum Signed poster
Signed poster that came in the album
Arthurs museum Bio folder
Bio folder that came with the album
Arthurs museum Back cover bio
Back cover of the bio
Arthurs museum Inside bio signed
Inside bio (signed)
Arthurs museum signed poster
Another signed poster in the album
The report from the local paper on Richie joining Poison Arthurs museum
The report from the local paper on Richie joining Posion. This was in 1992.
Arthurs museum itinery from 1988
This was the itinery from 1988
 Arthurs Museum cassette
Arthurs Museum's cassette
Arthurs Museum cassette
Arhurs Museum's cassette

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