Monday, April 7, 2014

Arthurs Museum

Origin: Pennsylvania (USA)

Arthurs museum Brian Varhelyi - Scott Lloyd - Danny Thompson - Richie Kotzen
Brian Varhelyi - Scott Lloyd - Danny Thompson - Richie Kotzen

Gallery closed - 1988


- Bit of a rarity this one, and if it wasn't for the fame that followed guitar prodigy Richie Kotzen,
this one could've sat on a dusty shelf somewhere in middle America. From Pennsylvania, Arthurs Museum were a small time band with big ambitions. Borne in the era of hair-metal, these boys have got more hair than a Vidal Sassoon fashion shoot! From an AOR perspective they sound kinda like Idle Cure meets Beau Coup, with more in the guitar department. Hailed by many as an AOR classic. I find that tag unusual, considering that we've only got five tracks, and not all of them are that flash - to be honest. -


- This MLP is legendary and goes for big $$$ (as rare as MONA LISA or VXN from Canada). The reason is the first appearance of guitarist Richie Kotzen who later went to Poison and did several personal albums. Kotzen created this band at the age of 15 in 1985 and recorded the MLP at the age of 18 in the small label KGS and in micro-quantity.What the listener recieves here is high class melodic metal with great solos from Kotzen and strong AOR touches very similar to other great bands like White Sister (Gods!!!), Razormaid, Bob Wheeler and Beau Coup. -


- Until relatively recently guitar hotshot RICHIE KOTZTEN's first recorded work was virtually unknown to the outside world.

was only thirteen years old when he started gigging with ARTHURS MUSEUM and recorded this album in 1988 prior to being discovered by Shrapnel Records' Mike Varney and going on to record three albums for the label and subsequently 'enjoying' a brief stint with POISON. -


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