Thursday, April 3, 2014

Asia: Without you [lyrics]

Asia: Without you [lyrics]


Without you

Gazing at our sunrise
Reflected in your clear eyes
Misty morning forest smoke fires
Make our way through the broken day
I couldn't stand to stay
Without you

We must keep moving
While the light is clearing
Leaving your dark world behind you
You have to run
Life has just begun
I'll never be alone
Without you

One chilling thought
Comes screaming through the dark
I saw a yellow moon at midnight
And now you woke
Glowing in the smoke
I'm suddenly alone
Without you

Wanting things the way they used to be
You don't know what that can do to me
One more day, maybe never
Might as well be forever

Outside the light
It's fading as I write
And another night reminds me
As I sleep
Memory that I keep
It's just another day
Without you

It seems so long
I've been holding on
Since I felt my arms around you
Time will go
Both of us will know
Never be a day
Without you

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