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BB Steal

Origin: Sydney (Australia)

BB Steal Peter Heckenberg - Kevin Pratt - Craig Csongrady - Warren Mason - Peter Waterank
Peter Heckenberg - Kevin Pratt - Craig Csongrady - Warren Mason - Peter Waterank

Heartbeat away (Ep) - 1989


- Beg, Borrow or Steal, thats what it takes to survive in the early days of a rock band, touring and gigging to get your music out there. Originally named Boss, in the early 80′s a bunch of teenagers got together in a flat in Sydney, and laid down the basis for that which later became the hard rock act BB Steal. BB Steal’s name is based on the age old Rock ‘N’ Roll reality. The bands music however is far from it’s name sake. BB Steal songs are a musical journey that weave in and out of your soul. The band has taken hard edge gritty rock and sweetened the recipe with seductive vocals and guitar riffs, their craft influenced stylistically by the likes of Led Zeplin.
During the 90′s the band released the acclaimed album ‘On The Edge’ signing a deal with Phonogram Records. Recorded in Los Angeles (USA) and Montreal (Canada), this work was engineered by Rob Jacobs (Bon Jovi, Eagles, Don Henley) and Pete Woodroffe (Def Leppard) with drums performed by Scott Crago (Eagles), bass guitar by Andy Cichon (Shania Twain, Billy Joel & Madonna) and some Lead and rhythm guitar / backing vocals / co-production by Phil Collen (Def Leppard).

Following the meeting of Csongrady & Collen an instant musical bond was forged and from this BB Steal were introduced and performed an Australian tour with Def Leppard.

Taking an extended sabbatical, BB Steal return in 2009 having put the final touches on a new and currently unreleased album ‘Resurrection’ produced by Csongrady/ Peter Blyton. The band have two support shows with The Angels in Adelaide and will shortly be announcing east coast tour dates. -


- Sydney Hard Rock outfit BB STEAL was created by ex-BOSS members vocalist Craig Csongrady, English born guitarist Kevin Pratt and drummer drummer Peter Heckenberg. The band's debut single, the AOR tinged 'I Believe', was written by Jesse Harms and later recorded by SURVIVOR frontman JIMI JAMISON on his debut solo album. When 'I Believe' failed to chart in Australia BB STEAL dropped their keyboard player and toughened up their sound considerably. BB STEAL's 1992 album was produced by DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen who also added guitar contributions.

Peter Heckenberg, going on to join THE BOMBERS, would be replaced by James Young for the album. Young, departing for THE POOR, would have his position filled by Craig Rosevear.

Post BB STEAL, Pratt teamed up with MEDICINE MAN. Heckenberg would figure in BLACK CAT MOAN and would form TEMPLE GOD in 1995 for the 'Tempted' album in collusion with Aussie veteran guitarist Bob Spencer of YOUNG LIONS, FINCH, SKYHOOKS and THE ANGELS. Rosevear would later turn up as a member of the SCREAMING JETS. BB STEAL would be the subject of reunion rumours during the mid 90s but no further product was forthcoming.

Craig Csongrady found local fame by recording 'United Forever', the theme tune for Adelaide United soccer club. In 2005 the singer fronted the reformed BB STEAL, working with guitarist Tony McDowell, drummer Darren Lee and producer Peter Blyton. -


- BB Steal was a heavy rock band that had previously existed as Boss who had released an album for RCA in 1984. Singer Craig Csongrady, guitarists Kevin Pratt and Warren Mason, drummer Peter Heckenberg and bassist Peter Waterank changed the band's name to BB Steal and released three singles for Polygram between 1988 and 1990. Heckenberg then left to be replaced briefly by James Young (later of The Poor) and ex-Rose Tattoo bassist Andy Cichon joined in place of Waterank.
BB Steal then began recording an album, laying down tracks in LA and Montreal under the guidance of Phil Collen from Def Leppard, who also added some rhythm guitar parts. Drums were provided by Eagles drummer Scott Crago. The album, On the Edge, was moderately successful overseas but failed to ignite local attention even in spite of BB Steal supporting Def Leppard on a national tour at the height of their popularity. Around this time, the band consisted of Csongrady, Mason, Pratt, Rick Grant (bass) and drummer Craig Rosevear. Cichon had by now formed Judge Mercy.
Pratt left the band in 1993 with BB Steal grinding to a halt with Rosevear moving on to The Screaming Jets. Pratt went on to feature in a number of Sydney hard rock bands including Medicine Man and Black Label as well as touring with Judas Priest in 2001 as part of a reformed Heaven line-up. Csongrady returned to his home town of Adelaide and continued to work with drummer Darren Lee, guitarists Tony McDowell and Ben Collins and bass player Louis Saez-Sanchez, a one time member of Almost Human.
BB Steal seemed to then disappear from sight but the project was never been abandoned. The album Resurrection was recorded over a number of years with different musicians, is currently being remixed by Peter Blyton and Greg Clarke at Craig Csongrady's Adelaide studio. A complete new line-up has evolved in 2009 and played support to The Angels in 2009. The band is gearing up for its relaunch in 2010 with the release of Resurrection. -


- BB Steal (Beg Borrow Steal) are an heavily Def Leppard-influenced Australian band formed circa 1987. Lead vocalist Craig Csongrady has been the only permanent member.
The band originally featured former Boss members lead vocalist Craig Csongrady and guitarist Kevin Pratt, as well as guitarist Warren Mason, bassist Peter Waterank, and drummer Peter Heckenberg.
BB Steal featured, during the course of 1991, exciting drummer Craig Rosevear, who later went onto play with the Screaming Jets.
A later line-up of the band featured Craig Csongrady, guitarist Shane Grahovac, guitarist Mark Lloyd, bassist Josh Biggs, and drummer Louis Halkias.
Def Leppard and Man Raze guitarist Phil Collen produced the title song on their Heartbeat Away EP and co-produced their first full length album On The Edge, which also features a version of the song "Heartbeat Away". There are reports that he also played some guitar and sang backing vocals on On The Edge, though he was never officially a member of the band.
Reportedly, BB Steal opened for Def Leppard during a tour of Australia, around the time of On The Edge. -


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