Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bobby Barth [Two hearts, One beat - 1986]

Bobby Barth  [Two hearts, One beat - 1986]

Origin:  Coffeyville, Kansas (USA)

Bobby Barth Two hearts One beat 1986

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Bobby Barth - Vocals, guitar, guitar synths
Bruce Nazarian - Bass, keyboards
Luis Resto - Keyboards
Mark Nilan - Keyboards
Jimmy Hunter - Drums
Esteban MacNardo - Drums
David McMurray - Saxophone
John Trudell - Horns
Ross Pooley - Horns


1.Dangerous Games  
2.Don't Come to Me  
5.Knifes Edge  
6.I Don't Want to Be Alone  
7.Burn Me Once, Burn Me Twice  
8.Once in a Lifetime

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