Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bridge 2 Far

Origin: (USA)

Bridge 2 Far John "J.R." Robinson - Mark Williamson
John "J.R." Robinson - Mark Williamson

st. - 1989 (with lyrics)


- Slick Christian, Westcoast styled AOR. The solitary BRIDGE 2 Far album featured TOTO guitarist STEVE LUKATHER alongside veteran session man MICHAEL LANDAU and ex-COLOSSEUM guitarist Clem Clemson. Keyboards are handled by TOTO's David Paich and former BABE RUTH man Alan Shacklock. During 1994 MARK WILLIAMSON issued the solo record 'Time Slipping By' for the GRP label. -


- Where Pop Rock meets West Coast, is where you'll be standing with on Bridge 2 Far. A couple of identities here, prevalent in the session scene. With drummer John 'J.R' Robinson.. I mean, who hasn't this guy played with? While Mark Williamson.. well where do I start.. He's been in the scene for years. Anyone remember his earlier works with Lyrix or his own Mark Williamson Band? Mark, like former bandmate Chris Eaton, is an Englishman, and like Chris has a deep connection with the Christian scene, even to this day. Though for a while, Mark was doing quite a bit of work in the USA, hence this album and his solo 'Time Slipping By' a few years later on during 1994.

The majority of Bridge 2 Far is mainstream, light, and features lots of sax and horns etc. However in saying that, guitar gods Steve Lukather and Michael Landau turn up for the party so you know there's gonna be an edge somewhere along the way, especially on the guitar solos. They start off with a pearler in 'Heaven On Earth', so funky and so cool. Love that bass line and those stinging guitar phrases! There's some stirring AOR on 'I Must Be Blind' while some dramatic balladry occurs with 'Caught Inside Your Heart' and 'Hold You Tonight'. Memories of Chris Eaton's 'Vision' are revisited on 'Say You Will', very hi-tech and similar. The rockier moments include 'We Got Away' and 'This Is Killing Me', where the L.A session cats turn up for tidbits and purr away in unceremonious fashion in a six-string sort of way!

For nine tracks, there's not a lot on quantity, but definitely a lot on quality. I'm sure this is easy enough to find out there, due to it's big label release. Of more interest though is tracking down those long lost Mark Williamson Band albums from the eighties which also feature Chris Eaton.. Now there's a challenge. Go to it collectors! -


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