Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cats can fly: Love you like that [lyrics]

Cats can fly: Love you like that [lyrics]

Cats can fly

Love you like that

Ya still gotta count on your fingers
You cry at the drop of a hat
When I try to tell you, "you get growin' up to do"
You say you don't believe in that

So busy tryin' to change yourself
No time to get to know who you are
I can't ever tell you the bad news, honey
You never let me get that far, but I...

Love ya like that, I love ya like that
I love ya like that, I love you like that

Your temper is an active volcano
Next minute your oozin' the charm
And I worry alot, 'cause your nerves are all shot
Then you give a little squeeze to my arm


So easy to hurt your feelings
You always give away what you got
And whenever you're thinkin' about me leavin'
I have to convince you I'm not


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