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Origin: Western New York (USA)



1983 - 1983 (with lyrics)


- The final lineup was assembled in 1980. Cheater took Western New York by storm with it’s incredible live shows, crazy antics and the record release of the 10" EP “Ten Cent Love Affair. Cheater sold over 10,000 copies of this self released EP and performed 345 shows in 1981! The Album was only released in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio - USA, yet reports have come from all over the United States and Europe from Cheater fans and Jeff Cosco fans!

The band never released it’s 1983 recordings until 2005 on CD. Included are the first 4 songs from the original EP. This is classic rock at its best. Jeff Cosco, Don Mancuso (Lou Gramm Band), Chris Mawdesley, Kevin McKee, Blayne Pierce, and Ron Rocco (Black Sheep) started it all. In the later shows and recordings Jimmy Fox (Toronto) joined up.

Reunion shows and avid fans have kept this band going for over 25 years! -


- Buffalo, New York group who issued a 10" four track EP in 1980 having previously appeared on local radio station promo albums. Guitarist Ron Mancuso relocated to Los Angeles in the early 80's where he was briefly in a band called MODERN DESIGN with would be KING KOBRA vocalist MARK FREE and was also a fully fledged member of BANG BANG, with whom he recorded an album for Epic. He also contributed to the recording of the reunion VANILLA FUDGE album 'Mystery'. Mancuso would eventually return to the East Coast to co-found BEGGARS AND THIEVES.

During 1984 Mancuso featured as session player and singwriter on the DANNY SPANOS album 'Looks Like Trouble'. -


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