Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dwayne Ford: The american blues [lyrics]

Dwayne Ford: The american blues [lyrics]

Dwayne Ford

The american blues

Where have all the young men gone
We don't see'em around much any more
Seems like they all up and left town
We sent'em all out the door
We gave'em all a gun
And said "Go get'em son"
And now they're all busted
And they're broken and torn
You know that they suffered
From the crazy little war
The american blues

Well come on boys we'll take'em on the run
You gotta give some to get some
Yeah you'll all be heroes back in town
Sometime next July
The folks back home they're just a little shy
But you know we can trust'em
And they're countin' on you boys
So don't let them down
And you know they'll be singin'
When we get back to town
The american blues

Dear mom and dad
I'm falling apart in a funny way
We all have to fight it's the rules
There ain't no other way
I pray to God that my friends live to see me
Another day
And if I'm still alive come the reveille
I'll be dying inside from this reverie
While everyne here sings this song
The american blues

Well don't just stand there lookin' at me son
You better come on in, you know we missed you
We read all about you in the news
We heard you did real good
The folks back home they're still a little shy
Well I guess you can't blame'em son
They tried to face it
But it's hard to be strong
You just can't erase it
With one crazy little song
The american blues

Who needs this lousy little war
Let's leave it all to history
They didn't want their freedom anyhow
So let'em fall where they may
We gave'em hell this time around
So let's just forget'em son
'Cause now they're all busted
They're broken and torn
And they just can't remember
What they were fightin' for
The american blues

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