Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fortune: 98º in the shade [lyrics]

Fortune: 98º in the shade [lyrics]


98º in the shade

Was in the heat of summer
I still remember
The pavement burnin' through my shoes
And as I walked along
I thought I heard a whisper
The voice of passion so cool

A latin from Manhattan
In her faded blue jeans
She seemed so young and I so unaware
And when she cornered me
With her careful kisses
She broke my heart right then and there

When she said love, it's no game
It's the heat of the fire and the flame
A burnin' love is what she made
Burnin' up 98 in the shade

We traded every secret
From dawn 'till twilight
She made me feel without a care
Was in the salty air of that lazy summer
She took my heart and laid it bare

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