Thursday, April 3, 2014

Giant: Lost in paradise [lyrics]

Giant: Lost in paradise [lyrics]


Lost in paradise

Since you've been gone, I spend my days dreamin' 
'bout the way things used to be with you
I carry on, but getting over lovin' you
Is the toughest thing I've ever had to do
'Cause you took me straight to heaven
And I've never been so high

I'm lost in paradise
Without your love my heart has paid the price
I won't let go of yesterday
Will I ever find my way
I'm lost in paradise

I can't sleep at night, I reach out in the darkness
To hold you close, but you're not there
I try to forget this dream of making love to you
But the memory is more than I can bear
I could find a way to make it
If I knew that you still cared


Someday I'll find you
I'll search through heaven and hell
Until I have you back in my arms again

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