Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heart: The wolf [lyrics]

Heart: The wolf [lyrics]


The wolf

You were born to privilege
Licking on a silver spoon
You think gotta buy all your friends
Just so you can tear up the room

But your kind is a dime a dozen
I've seen it all before
A parasite in a good disguise
Just another wolf at the door

The wolf
Prowling in the nighttime
The wolf
Howling in the moonshine
The wolf
Gives you what you want but he ain't no friend of mine

You lay it on oh, so sweet
Just like that bad cologne
Just smiling tooth and nail
You gotta make your presence known

But you are only a lonely hunter
Some things you can't disguise
Just to look in the hallway mirror
Now it's howling in your eyes


Silent, slick and stalthy
Slinking through your evils nights
You can see in the dark they tell me
The daylight burns your eyes

I know you're trying to track me down now
You're right on my trail
You think you're going for the big big game
But you're chasing your own tail


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