Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jeff Cosco and Times Square [st. - 1989]

Jeff Cosco and Times Square  [st. - 1989]

Origin: New York (USA)

Jeff Cosco and Times Square st 1989

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Jeff Cosco - Vocals
David Cohen - Drums, percussion, backing vocals
M.S. Gladstone - Guitar, backing vocals
Kris Larson - Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Kevin McKee - Bass, backing vocals

Additional musicians:

Jeff Tyzik - Horns, keyboards, drum programming
John Gove - horns
Terrance Bruce - Saxophone
Andy Calabrase - Keyboards
Biff Hannon - Keyboards
Jeff Gilhart - Guitar
Leon Gaer - Bass
Dave Tiberio - Bass
Dave Mancini - Percussion
Sally Cohen - Backing vocals
John R. Cosco - Backing vocals
Jamie Cosco - Backing vocals
Martin T. LaFica - Backing vocals


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