Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jimmy Harnen: Hello [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen: Hello [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen


Big dream is born in a young man's heart
God is strong, my fire burned inside
Through the years so many times I cried
Well, give it up, I never crossed my mind, no!

When the fire's over now
I guess I'm dreaming and I'm still standing
I kick my feet on the ground this time
It's my turn! I'm dead!

"Hello!" I'm back at your door
"Hello!" And I won't fall
"Hello!" 'Cause I want more
And I just wanted to say "Hello!"

Long ago I hadn't chased the time
Looking back I might have been too young, yeah!
But in my heart I never felt so good
And when I felt it really torn me apart

And then finally realize it was time to change and rearrange
And you're staring me right in the place
You want it! Well, go get it!


My three heroes told me "don't go to the end of the line"
Road soldier's found his way of reaching out to say "Hello!"

"Hello!" I'm back at your door
"Hello!" And I won't fall
"Hello!" I'm going strong

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