Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jimmy Harnen: If she cries [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen: If she cries [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen

If she cries

When the time has come, all my roads lead to her
And it's hard to face the day without her by my side
All the times she gave to me, oh I swore it never end
Let's just start once again

If she cries, please tell her that I love her
When she cries, please let her know the ways in which I care
'Cause she gave more than a lifetime and I saw it in her eyes
Why is it so hard to say goodnight?

Alone tonight, she lay her head down to sleep
She'll think of me awhile and why I had to go
Didn't mean to break her heart, but there's nothing left to say
Time has it slipping away


Like a man with a reason I reach out for tomorrow
And I do believe inside of me I've gotta try
And if fate shall lead her down this road that I must follow
Maybe time can see a part of me another try


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