Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jimmy Harnen: Southern lady [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen: Southern lady [lyrics]

Jimmy Harnen

Southern lady

One worried man in the city of Atlanta
And every time it wasn't quite right
A southern belle beside me shouts the Jay Gee in me
And neither one of us put up a fight
And all the memories remain inside my life
Touching you, making love

Southern Lady, take me in your arms
And hold me like you dig that southern night in the rain
Southern Lady, take me back

Lord, I remember, what a crazy, crazy time
Rollin' around in the rain
You were so in charge and I was so glad to follow
Honey, nothing now could ever be the same
And every time I look into your eyes
Each heavy love shot me in pain


Bad rainy moments in my head or in my heart, and I don't think of you
How I'd love to be back with you
Wow! Makin' love down in Georgia


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