Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue [st. - 1987]

Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue [st. - 1987]

Origin: Joe and Bruce born in Brooklyn, New York, album recorded in Los Angeles (USA)

Joe Bruce and 2nd Avenue st 1987

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Joe "Bean" Esposito - Lead and backing vocals
Bruce Sudano - Lead and backing vocals
Dann Huff - Guitar
Nathan East - Bass
Joe Chemay - Bass
Michael Omartian - Keyboards
Erich Bulling - Synth programming
Marcus Ryle - Synth programming
John Robinson - Drums
Bob Conti - Percussion
Gary Herbig - Horns (saxophone)
Kim Hutchcroft - Horns (saxophone)
Jerry Hey - Horns (trumpet)
Bill Reichenbach - Horns (trombone)
Donna Summer - Backing vocals
Dara Bernard - Backing vocals
Mary Ellen Bernard - Backing vocals
Portia Griffin - Backing vocals


1. We Can Have It All
2. Something Tells Me (Into Something Good)
3. No Way To Win
4. Save The Love
5. Some Things Never Change
6. The Terms Of Love
7. The Message Is Clear
8. Powerful Girl
9. America (What's The Price You Pay)
10. I Found Love

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