Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Magnum: Back street kid [lyrics]

Magnum: Back street kid [lyrics]


Back street kid

He had eyes of the poor wild and hungry
Stood outside of the store shy and clumsy
Saw an electric guitar he got hooked from the start
That's what it did
To the back street kid

It's a dangerous game might come to nothing
Very hard to explain the pushing and the shoving
Still the sound in his ears and the many lean years
Taught him to live
Back street kid

Everyone was saying it

Dream, dream, back street kid
Dream, dream, dream, dream, back street kid

He spends hours on his own he's still learning
Learns to wait for the phone ideas burning
And from Liberty Hall he will rise or he'll fall
That's how he'll live
The back street kid

All the kids are saying it


He stepped into the rain cold and empty
Whispered never again not contented
Walked off into the night he walked far out of sight
So much to give
The back street kid


Hear your mamma calling


Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream on (x8)

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