Thursday, April 3, 2014

Margaret Becker: Fight for God [lyrics]

Margaret Becker: Fight for God [lyrics]

Margaret Becker

Fight for God

You're the hero for the underdog
A sucker for any good 'cause
Dynamite, waiting to explode
Running on emotional overload
A tender fist in a boxing glove
A kamikaze for delusions of love
You're ready to fight, willing to lose
Your virtue is right, but your cause confused
I like the nerve of your rebelry
But only one thing deserves that loyalty

So you wanna fight
Fight for the Higher Love
If you're gonna fight
Fight for the Holy One
Fight for God

Sometimes you feel like you need a war
Some kind of love you could give your life for
And though there's many, you'll find there's few
That would do the same back for you
But there was a martyr for humanity
Who died for you compassionately
Before you even knew His name
He gave you the strength so you would do the same
So take up the cross of the Higher Love
'Cause nothing is lost when it's for the Lord


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