Thursday, April 3, 2014

Meghan: Don't think twice lyrics

Meghan: Don't think twice lyrics


Don't think twice

Do wrong to me
Do what you like
I'm in a whirl and there's a something it ain't right
I can't control your changin' moods
But I expect an answer when I talk to you
If your love is really real
Then who am I to blame
But if I can't get through to you
Then you need to explain.

Why, I call you on the phone
And you say, you need some time away
Why, If I'm the one on your mind, then
Why, don't you hear a word that I say.
Don't think twice, searching for the right line
Lonely nights, it won't be the first time.
Don't think twice, if you can't be on time
Over and over again, I've waited for you.

You steal my days, you rob my nights
Whenever your together, it ends up in a fight
Tear drops may fall and fade away
But one day to the piper, you'll have to pay.

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