Thursday, April 3, 2014

Michael Morales: Eighteen [lyrics]

Michael Morales: Eighteen [lyrics]

Michael Morales


There was a stop sign comin' on down and back boy
It beckoned her, give decision with a cracker jack toy
Real cool high school, rock and roll girlfriend
And I can say the one thing
They seemed to know what they meant

And when the kids start rockin'
She's out on the dancefloor
(Kids start rockin', out on the dancefloor)
Suzy Q, your heart is colder than a world war
(Kids start rockin', out on the dancefloor)
Man, I really want her, she looks so sweet
Hey, I really want her, but she's just eighteen

She was a can-can lover, and she'd do the Mando
She was a can-can lover, fandango
They had an all-night, really tight, dynamite rock show
She had an all-night, hold-me-tight, keep-it-quiet, oh, oh


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