Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Night: Day after day [lyrics]

Night: Day after day [lyrics]


Day after day

We were sittin' hand in hand
When I heard the lady say
Everybody, boarding cards, plane is leaving for L.A.
I know I'll miss your touch
Then a kiss and you slowly walk away

Staring at the empty space and you're gone
I believe you're coming back, so what's wrong
Could be the way you were holding my hand
Or the way you said goodbye
I can't stop myself from feelin' this way
There was somethin' in your eyes

Maybe our loves as wide as the ocean
I don't know, it's too easy to say
Memories fade, I'm goin' crazy
Knowing you're gone, day after day

Smiling faces in the street and you're gone
People walking arm in arm, it's so long
'Til I see you again, my love's depending
On the love you left behind
Letters and dreams, re-living the scenes
When I knew your love was real


I need to love you
I wanna hold you
I need to love you



Staring at the empty space
And you're gone

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