Thursday, April 3, 2014

Refugee: American dream [lyrics]

Refugee: American dream [lyrics]


American dream

Nobody moves the way you move
And I wanna hold you
Feel the night comes down
The world coming apart at the seams
I wanna be safe inside your love
I wanna hold you
Pour your spirit all over this
Soul and make me clean
C'mon hold me close my american dream

Just met me outa the rain and outa the night
Back where I outa be
I wanna close my eyes and hang on tight
Yeah, s'gonna do me right my american dream

Nobody feels like you feel and
I wanna hold you
When you put love in action
Even the blind can see
You gotta give love to get it
You gotta live love and let it control you
You gotta pour your spirit all over this soul
And make me clean
C'mon wrap yourself around me
American dream


I can hear you calling
Feel your heart still beating strong
And I wanna get back to you
Back, where I belong

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