Thursday, April 3, 2014

Refugee: Love survives [lyrics]

Refugee: Love survives [lyrics]


Love survives

We lock the world outside again
And in our little room alone in the dark
I'm gonna hold you so close you're gonna feel
Every beat of this heart
Now I can't promise magic or miracles
But in a world that keeps coming apart
I can promise this love will survive
From a heart to heart

Through the thunder, through the lightening
Annie, loves forever, loves suvives
From the inside burning outside
Annie, loves forever, love survives
Annie, love survives

I know it feels like the sky is falling
Like the walls are closing in
But you've gotta believe that this love will hold the line
And you've gotta believe what you're feeling inside
Yeah, you gotta believe that when souls collide
There's a fire that burns, turns water into wine


And Annie, I will love you 'til these rivers run to stone
'Til the rains come down like diamonds on a city
Made of gold
'Til the moon and stars surrender 
To a love that's ours to hold


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