Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Robin George: Hit list [lyrics]

Robin George: Hit list [lyrics]

Robin George

Hit list

Watch my back - imminent attack - cover me - guide me in
Cut the line - end of story time - your alibi's - wearing thin
String me out - hold on talk about you - lie to me - tell me yes
I'm the chance - enter line advance - you set me up - you must confess

I'm on your hitlist - risky business
Don't push too hard, you're next in line
On the hitlist

Systemise - secret paradise - paint me out - fade to grey
Share my load - heavy-weight encode - tie me in - to sign away


Sold me short - status sold and bought - no chances pass - this one you lose
Hide away - watch me ricochet - smoke you out with a burning fuse

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