Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Robin George: Shoot on sight [lyrics]

Robin George: Shoot on sight [lyrics]

Robin George

Shoot on sight

I never thought it was easy, you said
Listen to my music tonight
I never thought that you could please me, all night
But you really meant to
Shoot on sight

Can't imagine what I've been through, you said
Come and feel my heart beat (ooh yeah)
You gotta tell me I can see you, this time
Gotta take you prisoner
Shoot on sight

I am caught in your light
I'll never surrender while you
Shoot on sight
Don't expect me to fight
I'm unarmed and defenceless
And you shoot on sight

I never thought I could be captured, you did
Now I've got trouble with you
Now the image is ???, flash back
Got no-where to run to
Shoot on sight

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