Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Robin George: Shout [lyrics]

Robin George: Shout [lyrics]

Robin George


No motivation, nothing to say
Got no emotional tricks, can't follow through
I didn't come here to argue
I'm only here 'cause there's nothing else to do

Nobody looking to fight with you
I got no reason to breathe your oxygen
Don't back off
Stand your ground
You got to hold back and let me live
If you're the one who can start me up again
Show me now

Reach out show me you're real
Hold out your hand (shout)
Let me feel
Stand up turn on your light
You're dynamite, tell me your name

No explanation, no understand
I can't get close to what makes you turn and fight
We could be in for a breakthrough
If you're the one who can set this place alight
(Shout) show me how

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