Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Robin George: Spy [lyrics]

Robin George: Spy [lyrics]

Robin George


Someone up there watching you
Out there casting shadows on the moon
Tuning in by thought machine
Get your readout on his radar screen
Heard it on your radio
Man you weren't supposed to know

Captured on his video
Watching action replays fast and slow
Frozen frame by satellite
Got you infra red in black and white

Is it the FBI or the CIA or MI5 or the Red Brigade
I don't know
But they're getting closer
Moving in on you

Information guaranteed
No fooling laser light technology
No computer alibi's
Actions witnessed by electric eyes


Someone always watching you
Programmed to move in when you make your move
Espionage by satellite
Out there spying on you every night
Pacify technology
It could be you or me

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