Thursday, April 3, 2014

RPM: Video games [lyrics]

RPM: Video games [lyrics]


Video games

Yeah, I'm ready
I put my cash in, the lights are flashin'
Hands, keep steady
Time is my rival, for my survival

Plan my strategy
I aim my lazers, shoot the invaders
Destroy the enemy
I've got to get them, before they get me

Video games, give me what I need
Video games, I play'em in my sleep
Video games, blow'em off the screen
Video games, you got to beat the machine

Feel, the power
I love the pressure, electric pleasure
Fight for hours
Use all my senses, test my defenses


As the money runs out and the panic sets in
If I had one more quarter I know I could win
As the man next to me hanging over my shoulder
Politely reminds son your game is over

Wait, I can't leave yet
My odds of winning are just beginning
I won extra credit
That's what I live for, to beat the high score


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