Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stan Bush: It's hot [lyrics]

Stan Bush: It's hot [lyrics]

Stan Bush

It's hot

Baby, meet me in the park
Don't tell your daddy where you're going
Your papa, no no, he don't like me
He thinks I'm like the wind a-blowing

I'm a young and restless runner
Full-tilt into the night
I can see my wildness, baby
In your eyes

We got a fire that's burning
Let's give it everything we've got
We got a fire that's burning, girl
And it's hot, hot

Baby, meet me after dark
And we'll dance all night together
In the heat of the night we'll burn our fire
The heat of the night will make it better

The pounding of our heartbeats
Is the only thing that's real
Nothing else makes sense or matters
That's how I feel


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