Thursday, April 3, 2014

Survivor: Burning bridges [lyrics]

Survivor: Burning bridges [lyrics]


Burning bridges

I can feel a strong desire, 
A distant fire burning through the past
Deep inside my heart is yearning, 
A bridge is burning
There's just no turning back
After all the hell I've tasted, 
Years I've wasted, 
Love that slipped away
Suddenly a vision shook me, 
I see the fool I'd become content to play
Over one-way streets in blindin' heat 
I carry this torch alone
I ask for no directions home

You can call out my name but I won't return
I'm a fugitive of love and this heart's been burned
Burnin' bridges behind me
You can follow me down but it's plain to see
I'm a victim of the burn and it's third degree
Setting bridges on fire

I will go to any length
To find the strength
To face the night alone
Standing on the edge of time, 
I cross the line
My heart becomes my own
Gonna tell you why you're a fool
To try to cross a burning bridge
It's a long hard fall from the top of the ridge


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