Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Ravyns: No regular woman [lyrics]

The Ravyns: No regular woman [lyrics]

The Ravyns

No regular woman

I watch her on the dance floor nearly every night
And all the other girls just disappear
Caught up in a fantasy
I call for her to come to me
But she never hears

No regular woman
She no regular girl
That lady got something
Something put this boy in whirl

Her body move as graceful as the swallow fly
Her eyes they have the sparkle of the star
I want to take her back with me
Show her to my family and my shangrila


Last night I dreamed about her as a butterfly
She bring the gentle warm of the spring
She shared my humble offerings
She give me love she's spread her wings
And fly away
Sure as spring comes summer
I must bring my love here
Sure as love surrounds her
I have found

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